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Featured contributors

Deanna See

Age : 18

“I’m Deanna, but you can call me Dean (or Dean-sodium — guess why) and I’m a girl who loves STEM, Sci-Fi, EDM, etc. Among them, Biology is by far my longest-running passion.” 

“Deanna is the winner of Breakthrough Junior Challenge 2016, a competition funded by Mark Zuckerberg.”

Elaine Soh

Age : 18

“I would describe myself as an adventurous person who likes to try new things. I have a diverse range of interests — I’m really into music and art, but I also like playing sports. I’m also pretty clumsy, so you’ll see me with lots of cuts and bruises all the time!”


Darren Wong

Age : 18

“I love experimenting and trying new things (but not when it goes wrong). I enjoy dreaming about what the future holds (but not being startled back to reality).”
Tan Seet Ynn

Age : 18

“I climb walls for fun. This can apply to various situations, including rock-climbing or parkour!”

Seet Ynn holds a Public Service Commission (PSC) Engineering Scholarship.

Tang Lingxi

Age : 20

“I love travelling and discovering hidden gems (especially scenery and food) in foreign lands. My dream would be to visit every country in the world!”


Fiona Soewanto

Age : 21

“I love drawing, painting, music and Netflix. I enjoy looking at fine art paintings, understanding the different ways that artists can express through their paintings.”


Liu Mu Wei

Age : 18

“My hobbies include creating 3D craft projects, which I’m currently moving from following available patterns to creating my own!”


Christine Lim

Age : 19

“I like to spend most of my time around the people I love the most! Fresh air and sunshine are my kind of things, balanced off with days on my bean bags with a good read!”
Cynthia Lee

Age : 18

“I can play the suona (Chinese trumpet). I really like sushi and bubble tea!”
Phoe Chuan Bin

Age : 20

“I love team sports! You’ll often catch me playing recreational football/basketball with my friends.I also do graphic designs during my free time.”
Li En

Age : 21
“I’m interested in drawing, photography and design, and loves travelling.”
Janice Loo

Age : 21

“I like to keep things simple and real. Interestingly (or oddly), I think grocery shopping and reading food labels to be extremely therapeutic. I also hope to always find myself engaging in meaningful activities and conversations.”

"We Make It Better Together"

We are extremely honoured to be supported by strong  partners from  various industries.

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Institutional partners

The Ministry of Education Technology Division has co-organised a workshop with Miao under the EduLab program for Junior College Mathematics teachers in Singapore in February 2017, to introduce and facilitate the take-up of the service and technology by school teachers. As a result of the successful run, a second workshop for Secondary school teachers is hosted at September 2017 in collaboration with Marshall Cavendish Education, a leading K12 textbook provider in Singapore for Secondary School Mathematics teachers

The Microsoft Ascend Program is an exclusive internal Microsoft program for the development of deep technology applications. Miao’s core technology synergises well with Microsoft’s online services to provide new interfaces and new use cases in the field of education.

Microsoft has also supported Miao by hosting a Biz Talk for Miao at Blk 71 in March 2017. Through Microsoft, Miao has also had the opportunity to connect with various stakeholders in the field of education, including presenting at the APSIPA Conference 2017 held in December in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in a special session for Online Learning with education publishers. 

Chatbot Miao was featured  by Microsoft Asia Pacific at JSConf.Asia 2018 before the official product launch.


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