Miao as Representative of Microsoft’s Incubation Programme @ APSIPA ASC 2017

One of our founders, Betty Zhou, was invited to speak at the APSIPA ASC 2017 as a representative of Microsofts incubation program. Speaking at the education forum, she shared about  the aspects of deep learning applications in education. The event was moderated … Read More

Microsoft Biz Talk: How Do We Achieve 13,000 Users Without Spending Marketing Dollars?

Want to hear about how to achieve 13,000 users without spending any marketing dollars, especially in the education technology industry? Miao’s co-founders, Betty and Ze Xuan are speaking at Blk 71 on 7th April about their experience in marketing the … Continue Reading

Miao is at Microsoft We Tech Care

Today, the team at Miao was invited to host a booth at Microsoft’s We Tech Care event, held at the Enabling Village! Co-founder Ze Xuan demonstrated the beta application to students, parents and even elderly folk who were interested! We … Continue Reading